If you have a dog, is he/she "in tune" with your feelings?

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    Yes, absolutely! One time during a very upsetting situation, I laid down on my couch, fell asleep with my dog lying beside me and when I awoke, two hours later, my dog was still lying right beside me. When I opened my eyes, she began to whine and lick my face. Aaawwwwww…..Loved that dog.

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    Brittany Spaniel


    terryfossil 1

    She probably needed to go outside Quacker..:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Nope. She was great about that too. Would stay inside for hours especially if I was cooking! :)
    I've had three of this breed.

    It is a bit rare,but both our boys had a personality similar to that labrador..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Related image

    Our Staffie reacts to and understands everything we do, never had a dog like him.


    terryfossil 1

    Just cannot answer you back in Gaelic Mate.unless you have both had a bit to drink.:):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    The dog doesn't speak Gaelic drunk or sober, Terry. :))

    What's a Staffie ?
    country bumpkin

    Do you NOT SEE the picture above, MCM?

    Type the words "Staffie Dog" ( or something similar) into the search bar for more information if the picture above is not self explanatory enough for you.

    ....sorry, I have a cat

    ....the only times I am on her agenda are  rubs and food

    I was once had a dog and yeah, she understood my feelings. When I'm upset, stressed and sad, she interacts with more than a human friend, more than a shoulder to cry or lean on. She cuddles me and make things she knew will make me smile and happy. Oh I missed Whitey.


    Welcome to akaqa, Rowing

    @mcm....Why would you welcome someone but not give them a TU? Just curious.
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    Rowing's answer meant as a comment moved to where it belongs.

    @Ducky's okay. Anyway, @mycatsmmom thanks though.

    Yup, kinda. When Bailey was 4 we were in the kitchen, I can't remember what she did, but I hollered at her. Thunder who is now a 120lb Rott, and a 2 year old then gently moved her into the corner about 3 ft away. Put himself in between us hung his head down and just gave me the look of aawww come on now it wasn't that bad. He had the weirdest look. Not mad, not sad or mean. Just maybe please don't do that again look. Talk about protection.a 4 year old with her own personal bodyguard.

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