Is there a song that makes you cry? If so, what is it? I just saw the Grammy Awards and have replayed this abour 30 times.

    ( about ) It gets me every time. I'm not the only one, after having seen the comments:

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    country bumpkin

    Mycatsmom comment (does not even attempt to answer the question) moved to where it belongs.

    If I would have known the grammys were on tonight, I would have watched them

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    Image result for pic elvis presley singing you'll never walk alone album covers

    I'm not much of a crier but at just the right moment, this song may do it. "You'll Never Walk Alone".

    country bumpkin

    Powerful song. Gorgeous man. :)

    Yes and such a sad ending to a life.

    my love will go on by Celine Dion. That woman is a living angel with a voice that God put in himself.

    Silly but true, I cry when I hear the song, Ben by Michael Jackson because I picture that poor rat suffering and dying alongside the little boy at the end of the movie.

    Sorry Clonge,,my waterworks do not turn on that easy,not saying they never turn on,,but it will take a bit more than that song to do it,matter of fact this one comes close,,you have to listen to it all the way through,,and i hope you can understand the Aussie slang,,let me know what you think mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    country bumpkin

    Different than what I listen too, but nice song.

    (My answer was meant to be a comment to you. I shouldn't try to do anything which requires thinking before I've finished my coffee . :)
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks CB,i always wonder how much our slang gets in the way of how we talk,,most of it is from my grandfather and before is a dying art..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....Amazing Grace 

    ....more thoughtful than tearful 

    ....often played at funerals 

    Taps... Will usually bring a year to my eye. Mom was a US marine 1943-1946, she stayed State side. Dad was Army, from 1942-1946, North Africa, Sicily, Italy. I can remember every night we watched the news and the Vietnam war, and the losses, both would have tears in their eyes over that God #3$$#! Useless war and the price the service men and woman we're paying. 

    1 song that always makes me cry whatever my mood or emotions is/was, that is "God will make a way."

    I truly love song sung by Bruno Mars "Grenade". I have listened this song a million times and whenever I go for it I literally start to cry. It's magic of this song.

    terryfossil 1

    Welcome to the site my friend,hang around for awhile and you might meet a few people from a few different countries..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @O: Good for "bawling up" and "blowing up"! LOL!i

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