Does anyone here have tinnitus ? I have it. I wonder if it's b/c of one of my medications

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    ....yes, I have it

    ....possible cause: listening intently to my wife for 46 years


    LMBO :-D

    It was for a good cause. :)

    Yes I do.. being in a quiet room is bad.. I just need a little noise, especially to sleep.


    Me bothers me mostly at night in bed b/c it's quiet. It's really ringing right now as I am sitting in a quiet room typing this.

    Had it for many years, don't know what caused it, I have learned to cope with it I suppose, as I have with many other niggling things in my life.

    Yes, for many years. I found that I've gotten used to it as my doctor said I might. Like JDB, I only notice it (occasionally) when in a very quiet environment.

    I have had it for years, it doesn't seem so bad now. My doctor told me it is due to our circulation, I do take tablets for blood pressure, so I am wondering if that could be the reason my has eased a lot. 


    Then I wonder if exercise, which increase circulation would help reduce tinnitus.

    Not sure mcm, I would think gentle exercise might help, but excessive exercise could make it worse.

    I don't have it now, but it might be the cause of yours:  I went to my M.D. years ago, and complained about the ringing in my ears. He told me not to answer it! I hope it goes away soon!


    Ha ha. thanks for the humor and the resources, Clongie.

    Roy has tinnitus.

    Thankfully, I don't have tinnitus.


    did he get it from working around loud machinery ? Or do you think it's his meds ? My late husband had it to the point that it affected his hearing....b/c years ago , people weren't given ear plugs or headphones in a noisy environment at work.

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