Has anybody ever showed animals at county or state fairs. Ever win .

    All i can say is glad we are out of that. At least in our county even last place wins money. Alot of times more than other kids do. Its set as auction donation . People donate money to their family child ,other kids for raising animals . Its all tax deductible. Helps offset going to state fairs. It is very expensive. What i dont like is in hog production if you dont buy chemical feed to increase muscle growth , you have no chance. Almost everyone uses this to try competing. State fair judging is a scam. Those judges know who purchased high priced animals from who. For most part you have to purchase an expensive animal ,  use chemical in feed , to win money at state fair.  You may be surprised to know commercial hog farms are the most cleanest and safe production of any farm animal produced. Commercial is done by outside or indoors. Indoors is really interesting. Worker must shower , the put on disposable gowns and disinfected boots. Fed high quality diet, air movement, . They do not lay in feces. They live on slotted raised floors, all urine and feces falls through. Sick animals immediately taken out to a quarantine until over sickness. Birthing animals kept in special area away from other animals. Outdoor production is also done with success at commercial farms. Both ways are animal friendly and environmental friendly. 

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    I haven't but I've always thought it would be fun.

    No animals but the one time I entered a country fair, I won first prize for my spool knitted "table protector". I was so proud at my young age of 8 or 9.  :)

    Image result for image of round spool knitting

    country bumpkin

    Please post a picture here. :)

    Good grief, I was looking for one for one minute. Am I not fast enough? lol
    country bumpkin

    Oh come on, a minute is long enough! LOL

    Hey, this is pretty neat looking. Does it come in coaster size?

    Oh yes. The instructions say...."For coaster size.....quit now"!

    County fairs are for much more than animals. I enjoy looking around hand made quilts other school made items by grade school kids. And the vegetables. And the food.

    Same here zorro. It's a relaxing, fun, family outing.

    Not animals, but county first with Small engines, next year was restoring  a John Deere 1937  B, then a 1944 John Deere B  my seinor year.

    ....interesting and enjoyable to watch

    i used to show Irish Setters a long time ago. At the state royal show one of my Setters got best in breed and third in show overall, although my dogs did well over a few years i gave up because of the grumpiness, it was unbelievable, besides they were my pets.


    Who was grumpy? You? Your dogs? The other dogs? The other owners? The judges? All of the above? :)))

    It's not grumpiness, it was actually bitchiness referring to the breeders of my setters, they always said it's not good enough even thou their setters did not do well. - p.s. my grand-kids call me Mr. Grumpy.

    Nice nick name. LOL!!

    I don't mind being called Grump, they even gave me a t shirt with it on, my patience with kids i'm afraid has dwindled in the past few years (old age ha ha )

    My patience with everyone has dwindled. Oh wait, maybe I've always been impatient. lol

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