What do you think is more nutricious , pork fat or green beans.


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    The link you provided says Pork Fat is the healthiest.  Lard is a recommended healthy fat for the KETO diet.  I think lard is made from pork.


    Everything in moderation!

    I cannot for one minute believe a "study" that tells people that vein clogging pork fat is healthy. The study must have taken place in southern United States because that's all they seem to use to cook with down there. Tasty but VERY unhealthy! Now, here's some more confusing information for you.....

    P.S. After all that, I love (and eat) pork chops, bacon (sparingly) and pork roasts!     LOL!!!

    country bumpkin

    (The study must have taken place in southern United States because that's all they seem to use to cook with down there. )

    A wee bit of stereotyping going on here, don't you think? :)

    I think they stereotype themselves because I've had numerous "food conversations" during my months of visiting there over the years. "We like a lot of things cooked in bacon fat, pork fat or butter".

    Not true Miss Country Bumpkin? lol
    country bumpkin

    Cooking with bacon fat, pork fat, and butter is not limited to the Southern USA. A good example is that I had not seen butter used as much in cooking/recipes until I moved to the UK. I have used all the above when I cook, but I'm also a big fan of cooking with olive oil.

    Cooking with good fats and bad fats is not limited to use in the Southern USA. Very true. :)


    I'll try to get to the UK to check that out. What time is supper? :)
    country bumpkin

    I forgot to mention that Goose Fat seems to be very popular here especially during the holiday season. Jars of that goose fat at the shops and goose fat potatoes too. I think it's supposed to make the potatoes extra crispy. I wonder why it's only during Christmas time I see the jars of goose fat. I need to do some research to find out. LOL LOL LOL

    Yum....slurp.....let's eat! lol

    This weekend i had a tortillo fried in duck fat. Some cook selling them in Kansas City. It was ok. Never seen goose fat around. Maybe some day if i see it i will try it. Probably not here southwest texas.

    Duck fat? Equally yummy! :(((

    .... I will still eat green beans


    green beans with bacon

    The green beans are way more nutritious b/c they have vitamins A,E and K in them ; and pork fat is just empty calories. Plus, veggies help prevent cancer but pork fat does not.

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