Do you ever get melancholy at Christmas thinking of days gone by when your loved ones were still alive and all your kids were still at home or lived nearby you ? l

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    I do miss the days when I was young and all my family members were living, My grandmother and her two sisters would travel with their families to visit with their mom and dad (my great grandparents).  There were 12 children/teenagers and then me, the very first grandchild.  My mother was the practical joker. She used to target her cousin Kelley at every family gathering. The boys climbing the big oak tree in the backyard and then pulling the girls up the tree with chains wrapped around a lawn chair.  Me  (when I was 5) sneaking through the bushes which separated my great-grandparents driveway from their neighbours.  I found a truck with the keys in the ignition and kept trying to start it up because I wanted to go for a drive.   Thank heavens, it was a standard and I got caught.  LOL

     I don't think there was ever a moment without chaos.

    My great-grandparents, my grandmother, her two sisters, and seven of the 12 children are deceased.

    I do miss the good old days.  Thanks for trip down memory lane, MCM.


    Thx for answering the question, CB ; You remember all those details so clearly . You are blessed to have all those good memories of Chirstmas.

    Nope!, the memories make for celebration 

    No, because I've had good situations and bad situations at various times throughout many Christmases. I just try to take each year as it comes. I can't control it, other than to try to discard the bad memories and enjoy only the good ones. 

    today is one of those days. yesterday was the first Christmas eve I did not see my mom or dad. well I talked to mom today. she's at my brother's house. first thing she said is where are you and why aren't you up here.  I'm gonna drive up there, Lodi, ca Friday about 200 miles from me.


    "yesterday was the first Christmas eve...." ?????

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