Free "Happy", the elephant. Do you agree?

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    Elephants belong to a herd. This is very cruel for (happy) to isolated. She needs friends! Some large zoos provide even ground for animals to have some sort of freedom. Smaller zoos do not. That zoo has sentenced her to a lonely isolated life. Free her!


    Happy should be placed at the rescue sanctuary and shut the Bronx Zoo down.

    If they cannot find another Elephant to put with happy,then they should find a place that they can,Elephants are very family related animals..Image result for elephants photos download

    Zoos are evolving  to put the creatures they have in a more natural environment for them . BUT it's still not natural.. Sure its nice to see animals you normally wouldn't have a chance to see, but at the sacrifice of the animals. Let em go. Put the money into stopping the poachers, the trophy hunters. Some of these animals might only exist in the zoos if this isn't stopped.


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