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    For some time now my wife has urged me to visit an ENT doctor and I always resisted and dismissed her pleas because, for my age, my hearing was satisfactory and adequate. Resisted, that is, until recently because I am now having difficulty hearing some words. I visited an ENT Practice and after removing some earwax the doctor passed me on to his audiologist who, after a comprehensive series of hearing tests, gave me the results after which the doctor issued a prescription for a hearing aid for both ears.

    I apologized to my wife most humbly and promised in future to obey her.

    My question is directed at, but not solely, to those who were in a similar situation as I find myself in: did the transition to a life wearing a hearing aid improve your quality of life?

    One immediate plus for me, being a Catholic, I shall again be able to hear my 3 cats purring, happy and contented, what more could I ask for? 


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    Because you're a Catholic, you can hear your cats purring ?

    @mcm...….cat - holic.
    country bumpkin


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    My father became hard of hearing when he was in his early fifties. For years, he annoyed all of us because it seemed to be OUR job to accommodate his hearing loss by repeating everything, at least once. Many people suggested that he needed hearing aids but he refused...."Oh my hearing is not that bad yet". When someone is telling you to go to an audiologist, that means that even if you don't notice your hearing loss, others do! It's frustrating to keep repeating everything during every conversation.

    As a result, as soon as I noticed that I was not hearing as well, I went immediately to an audiologist before anyone else even mentioned it to me. I was told that I did have a slight loss but it was too early for a hearing aid. Two years later, it was time. I now have two of them.

    I can still be annoying to others but it's not because I can't hear them!  :)


    I agree with Ducky's experience with people who are hard of hearing and won't get a hearing aid.

                                         I'm in need of a good ear cleaning

    I'm not to the point in my life where I need a hearing aid.  I would like to have my ears 

    cleaned out by an Ent or Otolaryngologist to hear the difference.







    Yes, I can indeed!

    is this a test ?

    Benthere, yes mam

    That's much better. :)

    Finally. thank you Westy,i am in exactly the same boat as you were,,i can listen to someone talk and i will miss 1 or 2 words,then i say what,and then they repeat the whole story again.i only want them to repeat the 1 and 2 words i missed.then they get upset because i do not want to hear the whole story now i have had my 4 major joints replacement i can look into this hearing aid thing..they say because i am a pensioner i can get them cheaper,,but then are the cheap ones any good..??????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Like everything Terry, you get what you pay for. Missing one or two words is part of hearing loss. It's frustrating. How are your latest new joints working for you? Feeling better?
    terryfossil 1

    Should be right in another week or two Quacker,i had a slight problem with this last knee,had to go back to hospital,that put me back about a week..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    When I take the test I have good hearing. Problem is it's very hard for me to filter out the backround noise now. If we're in a crowded restaurant or tavern and it's loud I can usually hear you but everything gets jumbled up. I also have tinnitus and that does not help at all. when I went for an exam a few years ago the doctor came out and asked me if I'd ever shot guns I replied yes he asked me if I wear hearing protection, I replied yes,  he pointed to the Graf of wiggling lines and said this tells me you shoot guns and don't wear any hearing protection, and he stood there. I thought for a second and asked him if running older two cylinder John Deere tractors would do that? That's like a gun going off roughly 800 times minute. And I loved listening to those old two cylinders pull when they're working. He was quite familiar with the old tractors and once again he looked at me and said you don't wear hearing protection when you drive them???? I do now but the damage has been done.

    terryfossil 1

    i have the same problem JD..when in a room with a lot of rabble,they just sound like rabble..your doctor would love me.i worked in a lot of factories with a lot of noise,never wore nothing on my ears..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yep, background noise that makes it difficult to hear the conversation, is usually the first thing that happens. Getting old is great, isn't it?
    terryfossil 1

    With all these new pieces in me ,should i not now be younger Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I have trouble hearing what someone is saying too if someone near me is talking in a real loud voice to someone else, or if the room is crowded.

    @Terry.....You can't go back. :(
    terryfossil 1

    @Quacker,oh i dunno,it seemed to work out real well for Lee Majors,in Bionic Man,metal is stronger than bone,oh okay so i am dreaming..:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    All my friends are hard of hearing and so was my dad and my husband. I angers me that they expect to yell all the time so they can hear me  when they're supposed do get a hearing aid. Don't tell me they can't afford it b/c my significant other has so much money, he doesn't know what to do with it.Ditto for my friend Carol and my friend, Ron . My friend, Ray has the worst hearing , but his wife, Linda says, they cost so much . That didn't seem to be a problem when Ray invested $ 50,000 in the stock market and lost it. And money didn't seem to be a problem when they were always buying their grand daughters a new bed and new pajamas and a trampoline and took them on vacations.

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