Is there "such a thing" as "being too smart"?

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    ....thinking you are too smart

    ....prison is full of "too smart"


    they think they can beat the rap
    terryfossil 1

    No MCM,they think they will never be caught..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

                                               We will never stop learning


    I just heard a radio show on this very topic.  I think it was "The Secret Brain" on PBS Radio.  It comes on once a week. The researcher said it's not a problem being really smart.  But sometimes the smart that are less smarter than the really brilliant, may think they are so smart that they try to fool others, and sometimes try to cheat others and some end up in jail for being smarty pants, that are not as smart as they think they are..

    As the saying goes, you can be too smart for your own good..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..           

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