Did anybody go out shopping on "Black Friday"? Did you encounter crowds, and if so, were the shoppers well-behaved?

    Did you buy anything and if so, was what you bought a real bargain or bargains?

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    Nope. I didn't even do Thanksgiving, for the last week I've had a screwed up neck, feels like  electrical charges going down my arm.. and terrible neck pain. Ok someone is going to say I'm a pain in the neck. 

    country bumpkin

    Not Good. :((

    Better go to the doctor. Neck pain? Arm pain? Could be serious!

    Ducky I found a new chiropractor about a year ago she's definitely helping. She's a young gal that's totally different than any other chiropractor I've been to. The problem is getting in to see her. Takes almost two weeks to get an appointment.

    I've been to a few chiropractors and some are much more gentle than others. I've also been to an osteopath and that is very helpful too. They have a totally different technique.....more into energy healing. I hope you get feeling better soon. Constant pain is terrible! way

    Black Friday comes at the end of the month; I’m tapped. But why fight the crowds? Cyber Black Friday is quite the shopping experience......

    Nope! Never been into shopping in big, impatient crowds of people unless it's for something that I can't live idea what that would be.   :)

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