What your turkey great? Love to you all!!!

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    What turkey?  :))   My homemade beefy chilli mac & cheese hit the spot.

                                        I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Tabber.

    ....the turkey and family were good, again

    The turkey came out surprisingly well. Juicy and everything people like in a good turkey. I spur of the moment bought a smoked ham that was a hit secondary meat. All the sides were good and my banana split cake wa grand. Spent the day with good friends. My bother texted me and I loved it. No more family anymore. But I was too busy to take the time to mourn and reminisce.....

    country bumpkin

    Sorry for your loss.

    Had turkey and ham on Thursday that was delicious. Had turkey today for some of my relatives who worked Thursday That was good too! Happy Thanksgiving!

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