Does anyone have any idea how long our fabulous website (akaqa) will be here?

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    LOL!  How could anyone here po$$ibly an$wer that? The owner$ obviou$ly make no money on a $ite that i$ $o inactive and they don't appear to be putting in much (if any) effort to improve akaQA. I think they are involved in other project$, $o thi$ $ite hold$ no intere$t anymore. (Just my logical gue$$ a$ bu$ine$$ i$ de$igned to make money!)


    ....$um$ it up : )

    It most certainly is not your fault, the vast majority of potential users of this site have discovered how easy and quick it is to use a search engine, need I say more?

    I am not a magician, `now you see it, now you don’t´ nor can I work miracles, but what will be, will be, just as it always has been in life. You can look back and be thankful and grateful for the fun and pleasure this site has given us, and look ahead to a new beginning and opportunity. Time marches on, and on, and on.    

    country bumpkin

    Que Sera Sera... *Snicker* idea, I just hope

    How long is a piece of string..??????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    How high is the sky?????
    terryfossil 1

    Longer than a piece of string Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Are you sure? :)

    That is a good question . Somewhere between 45-50 years ago, us neighborhood kids saved our Penny's, bought the biggest kite we could find, then several rolls of fishing line. We had all the lines hooked together, you could barely see the kite anymore... It was touching the sky. As we pondered about bringing it down, nobody really wanted to reel all that fish line in so we let it go.. we chased that kite to the next town on our bikes, almost ten miles, it never came down. We watched it just fade away. I think the sky grabbed it and ran. Anyways that's how long a piece of string is.......

    @JDB....who knew? lol

    For the longest I just expected it to blip away kinda sudden like but for some reason unbeknownst to any I gather it hangs on and on like the Duracell bunny. Glad I am, it’s a good go to spot for mostly entertainment. It’s a rare day when actual knowledge is required BUT! the mind still gets exercised.....

    for years there's been rumors about them phasing it out, but it never happens. It'll be here  for a long time.If they would put the green button on the tool bar that leads to akaqa like they did in the beginning , they 'd get a lot more business.


    It's more complicated than you realize mcm. They can't just "put the button back". This would involve a business negotiation with some huge players in the internet world. Our little akaQA ranks very low to all involved.

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