How cold is it where you are? I'm out here in California with the fires and cold cold weather.

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    Cool enough to wear a jacket or light coat, but not too cold.  I turned the heater on approx 10 minutes ago for the first time today and it's after 7 pm.   It will be on long enough to knock the chill out of the air and then the house should stay warm for the rest of the night.

    It is so cold, I saw a chicken walking with a "capon" Seriously,here in NYC, it is 40 degrees at 7:30 A.M. How far are you from the fires?


    Maybe 300 miles. but what scares me is they start up anytime they want. I got caught in 2 next to the freeway going from san jose to Stockton, CA. The firemen were putting out the fire and we people driving on the freeway could not move. I was hoping that one did not kill us all, so I called my mom, who I call when I think I might die. Another time coming in to san jose, ca. If I see smoke in front I get off the freeway asap. It's scary, plus we got the earthquakes, and that scares the mohegans out of e. I got caught in the 89 quake in san Francisco on the way to my dentist on the 22nd floor of Embarcadero One, in the financial district. I knew I was dead on this one and said, don't look like we're gonna make it out of this one, but I did and thank God every day. Plus I heard an analyst talking about the fires, and stated that over 90% of them are caused by humans. They just arrested a man last week for setting 2 fires. The giant apartment complex fire in Los Angeles was arsen. I think they caught that guy. I believe the news people don't want this info out in the public so they always say investigating what started the fire.

    ....a little above freezing this morning 


    what state do you live in.

    It's about 33*(F) with a few inches of snow on the ground, about normal for us at this time of year.

    country bumpkin

    Lucky Ducky (I know you are not a fan of the snow).

    Not a fan of snow but it does make it feel more like "hockey season".

    the hockey teams are playing
    country bumpkin

    Ducky, the hockey teams are playing.

    Newsflash! Saw my first game mid-September. :)
    country bumpkin

    the hockey teams are still playing

    They'll keep playing until next summer. :)

    Its 32 here in west Texas . We have had about 7 nights below freezing so far this fall. Last year didnt freeze until Nov 20th. Had our first snow and freeze around Oct 20. We even had two days so far where high was only 32. What even more strange is it snowed in Houston Texas before it snowed in New York City this year. At least that's what the news said.  The coldest is yet to come, meterologists say. Sounds like northeast might have a hard winter to come. 


    My goodness!! God bless you all!!!

    (lol) We have temperatures below freezing for weeks on end, from now until March and even during March on occasion. When the temperature during the winter is above zero with sunshine, we think it's a most beautiful day!

    Shudder. I can’t imagine just driving past a fire let alone be in one. Like I wrote: shudder.                            It got cool during the night. 40’s or so with the days reaching 80 or so. Beautiful Texas weather. I find it hard to believe that Zorro and I are from the same state! We had our first freez a couple or so days ago. Froz the tops of our rain water collection. And my fig tree! Shriveled leaves and dead figs. My Central America tree has all brown leaves now. The cotton froze. I wonder if all the bolls would come back enough to collect the fluff? Rare cotton this would have been. Shoot......


    Same state, way different area. You have trees , water, mosquitos, we have sand , not much trees, not much water, oh and miles of cotton. The combines and gins are busy.

    It about 33 or 34* F .  here everyday. Thurs it snowed light, but all day .Hope you will stay safe, Tabby .

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