Would you rather have a few close friends, or a lot of friends with whom you are not that close? Why?

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    I believe there are benefits and drawbacks to having both.   My heart still hurts over the death of my very best friend (female) more than a decade ago.   I don't want to hurt so much ever again so I choose acquaintances.

    I’m 61. My days of making long term friends are over. It would be a rare occurrence that I meet someone today and remain friends with for 25 or so years. I have close friends I’ve known for at least that long and though they don’t know of my every action they know my story. I can count on them at the start. Aquaintances i enjoy for the moment. To have fun with, go to a movie with, to have for dinner. Live for the moment with these friends.....

    I do not have close friends,that is not their fault,it is fully on me,however i have always believed in Acquaintances..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 71, I can count true/close friends on one hand and still have fingers left over

    ....several acquaintances at church, tennis and breakfast relationship with God is the closest and most meaningful 

    I have only a couple close friends.


    I have both, a few close friends, and a lot of acquaintances, and I like both.  I think my family and me are really good friends too.  I have a big family, 5 brothers, 2 sisters, one sister died a few years ago.  her husband just died of blood cancer 3 weeks ago.  they had a life celebration Sunday in Sacramento, CA. Well I guess we should enjoy any friends and family every day.  Have a great day and night Friends!!!


    i'm sorry for your loss.

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