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    I don't like the idea.    I want to focus on my preacher and the word being taught that day. I don't want to be distracted by armed security and constantly be reminded that I may be in some sort of danger. 

     Where does it stop?   A person can walk by a window in their home and be shot by someone with a gun.  Does this mean an armed officer should be placed at every occupied house or place of business? Of course not!  Overkill!


    Respectfully, someone hell-bent on mass-murder would assume that those praying in a synagogue are Jews. Armed with an automatic weapon, and plenty of ammo, it would be better than going to one's home or house-to-house. I'd rather be "reminded " than shot,

    Would it not be better if guns were very very hard to get?

    Yeah, right. If it were my AR-15 and I was out to kill, I’d shoot the armed guard first. Perhaps he’s hiding, would only slow down his response time and hundreds of body ripping bullets could already be spent in that short time. You know that 90% of those shot in that small Texas church were unrecognizable for all the damage and blood? I digress. No on armed guards. I think it would be buying trouble. Same with school guarms and teachers. Ooooo, my blood is boiling....


    Exactly what the Wednesday night shooter did.....shot the guard at the door! No solution I guess?

    The man was an unarmed bouncer standing at the door checking IDs......

    Why not arm every citizen with an automatic weapon and have a dozen shoot-outs daily, in every city? Or as an alternative, how about fixing the problem right at its root? Gosh, that's a tough one! Whatever would hunters do?


    'Macho men' hunters are at least using the proper type of gun for its proper purpose. Looks like they don't need rapid fire to shoot ducks.

    ....opinion: not enough police


    Eric Adams, Brooklyn, NY Borough President,and a former N.Y.P.D. captain, suggested that police officers carry their weapons into the houses of worship, when they go for prayers, etc. The same could be implemented elsewhere. I think it's a good idea.

    Churches and other similiar areas are targeted by mentally ill because they know there would be no resistance in the beginning of their bloody violence. Just what a terrorist does , sometimes gets knowledge before they act. There has been and will always be people terrorizing and killing other people , whether gun knife , whatever. Im not going down without a fight, learn to protect yourself. And if i can save a few other people and stop some fool ,so be it. Center mass people. Change with the times. For those who disagree , thats fine, hopefully there will be someone around to put a stop to it before you get killed/injured , lethal or non lethal means. 


    get rid of your right to carry armrs I the states

    then only the criminals/terrorists will have them.

    "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns". That saying is so old and stale zorro, while mass shootings with automatic weapons, are murdering your citizens left and right! Do you have any empathy at all? If so, you sure do keep it well hidden. I guess you and your family will never be gunned down in a mass shooting?

    Hopefully not, but if i'm there i will be carrying, legally, and trying to help put a stop to it. What about semi automatic weapons, don't just stop with automatic. Wont stop the psychos from killing people, except another armed person.

    This raises a few questions that have to be addressed: How many armed personnel are required for each Service and Occasion/Event etc.? Approximately how many times per month will they be required? There will be legal and substantial insurance costs to consider. My question: Who foots the bill? I am opposed to armed guards being employed on a permanent basis. Life goes on, the risks of becoming involved in a shooting incident are minimal.


    ok, if necessary.

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