Do you support birthright citizenship.

    I dont , neither do democrats. There must be something wrong here . WE both agree

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    4 Answers

    I support it. If you’re born here, you’re Americaa, just like the constitution  says. I like the constitution. So what? You want to deport babies? Or just put them in cages? Sure, there are anchor babies. This sucks but remember, there are other ethnic groups here. The Asians outnumber the Mexicans, how about that? Leave the constitution alone.......

    ....treat others like you want to be treated

    ....I struggle with quality over quantity; other countries' thugs coming over here causes concern

    ....little ones are caught in the middle 


    Think about it, other countries thugs actually helped form your country, but the "thugs" that you are talking about now want to take from you, I understand your concern, there is a solution.....

    I support it b/c if it wasn't for that, my dad wouldn't have become a  citizen; and neither would my  late husband who had both his parents come here from Sicily


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