Bought this clock about six months ago but I can’t find the instructions I cannot get the train to go round

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    Contact information for the Bradford Exchange is below. I'm sure the Bradford Exchange can send a manual upon request.


    Are you a detective? How do you know it's from the Bradford Exchange? :)

    You ARE a detective! lol

    @ Ducky
    Too clever by half I'd say!
    country bumpkin

    @ west-bus
    Too clever by half means:
    To be clever in a way that is annoying or causing problems

    Show their cleverness in a way that annoys other people

    The phrase "Too Clever By Half" is used to criticize someone who is overconfident in their thinking.

    West bus the main focus of this forum is to provide assistance to people who ask us for our help. This is exactly what I did to the best of my ability with the bit of information Shared by Jomar. Heck, I couldn't even find the manual he/she requested so nothing clever or overconfident about it.

    If my participation in this forum annoys you so much then maybe you should avoid reading my answers so you won't feel the need to be so insulting to a member on this forum whose main purpose for being here is to help others.

    @ c.b.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and unsolicited advice. My comment to Ducky was meant as a compliment to you, but it appears I shot myself in the foot.
    It may surprise you to learn that I never knew it was only used in the negative form, this perhaps because for the past 50 years I've lived in Germany.
    Surely, if I meant to insult you I would not have voted up your answer.

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