Meijer pharmacist denies woman miscarriage meds citing religion. Thoughts?

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    The Pharmacist didn't fill the medication because of his religious beliefs and that's his right to do so.

    However, the man is there to provide a  particular service to his community. He should not allow his religious beliefs to interfere with the job he was hired to do.  "If you can't handle the heat  stay out of the kitchen."

    The lady was able to have the prescription filled a few hours later at another Meijer location.

    .... I question his judgement without proper investigation 

    ....her doctor made the decision and prescribed medication, not the pharmacist 

    ....opinion : gatekeeper authority and middle man mentality 

    Their policy is stated that the pharmacist didn’t have to fill the prescription but to allow another to fill it. But did he know why she wanted to take it? It would be none of his business and th medicine can be used for other ailments. Pride is on of the seven deadly sins. Shame on him.....

    I need more information . On the news, they don't tell you if the med was supposed to abort the fetus or what. ...and what religion was he / she ?

    country bumpkin

    MCM....Do you see the words written in blue at the bottom of Clonges question? This is a link to most of the details regarding this story. Click on the link with your computer mouse and the new page will appear. You can choose to read the story or watch a video with the news coverage. All the questions you asked here will be answered.

    I'm going to place the link Clonge provided with his post here. The information is only a click away. I sincerely hope this helps you.

    They always used to do a D and C after a miscarriage to clean out the remains of it ,but I guess the insurance companies think it's cheaper to give a women this pill than to put them in the hosp and do a D & C. And yes, I realize it's easier for the woman.
    country bumpkin

    What I meant MCM, is for you to click on the link. The article and the viideo provided by Clonge mentions that the pharmacist or assistant is Catholic and the baby was not viable before the prescription was written by the doctor. These are two of the questions you asked above.

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