freedom of privacy?

    Ind. A has a privacy fence, Ind. B moves in next door builds 2 story addition enabling complete view of Ind.A house,property, etc. thus taking away privacy of Ind.A's, hence privacy fence. How is that right, legal, accepted without question? Ind. A was there first, does privacy hold no value? Now, what can be done to regain that privacy, within given codes?

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    Build your privacy fence higher or plant fast growings trees close togther all along your property line.

    YEA BUTT WHAT, no one has any freedom around you. With out your say so. If they can see in your windows, butt they probably have lives... and aren't interested in your petty little life. And every move. Frost the widows like I did. Spray can 5.00$

    the only answer seems to be......fertilizer, for the evergreens planted a year ago.

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