The Mega Jackpot has reached 1B! Billion!

    How many Americans are actually playing? How many “foreigners“ wish they could?

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    The UK has its own lottery/lotteries.  No reason to wish, "we could".


    Do you know what the record jackpot is for the IK lottery?

    Around £200 million Clonge.

    I bought 1 ticket yesterday The pot was 900 million. Today it is 970 million. By tomorrow it will probably be 1 Billion

    If I win send me your requests! LOL



    wilco! over and out.

    clu that's a generous thought. I hope you win if I don't.

    I don't participate in lotteries any more. At my age, the shock of winning would finish me off for sure, and the thought of my relatives, not to mention the tax man, squabbling like Vultures for their share of the cake is not a happy thought.

    ....bought a ticket this morning

    ....hope springs eternal


    I wish you all the luck in the world. Perhaps if you win you could buy akaqa!

    Isn't gambling a sin?
    Good luck!

    Come to think of it I don’t believe it’s one of the seven deadly sins. Let’s see, those are gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust, envy, pride, and greed ......

    Romos, it's not a sin when all you buy is one $ 2. dollar ticket, which is what I buy.
    country bumpkin

    I was taught Gambling is a sin because it falls under the category of greed. Agree or disagree...Good Read Here>>

    In Mich, the Mega Millions pot is $ 868 million . The store clerk said one man came in and bought $ 400. worth of tickets. If he has that kind of money , he doesn't need to enter the lottery .


    Hopefully, it's not money needed for necessities, e.g., food, rent, mortgage.. If he wins, fine, but........It's amazing how crazy people go when the jackpot soars. They'll even spend their welfare money and buy hundreds of dollars worth of tickets or more.,The odds against winning are of course, astronomical, which is one reason why the jackpot is so high; it hasn't been won in ages.

    a few days after I entered that---- now it's up to 2 billion. A store owner just told my gentleman friend that one man came in the bought 400 $ 2.00 tickets. He doesn't need money either.

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