Low water crossings, do you go around the barricades or turn around, don’t drown?

    It’s flooding here in Texas. A highway bridge was taken down by running water. And there is always the idiot who tries to cross and gets swept away. Two years ago it was a woman deputy sheriff! Have you ever risked your life by taking the chance to cross? The news is on now, there are actually unmanned boats floating down stream....

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    Turn around, always.

    Hard running water always takes you DOWN, and in my case it also took an Exocet missile, but Mother nature is always the worst!

    I watched footage of three people kayaking on flooded Pedernales near Johnson City. Texas today.

    I 'm afraid driving in water once it gets as high as a street curb.   It's not worth the risk.   I'm all for turning around as not to drown.

    ....I do not challenge running water

    ....many misjudge the power of flooding water on the roads

    One time I did go down a high water road with my grand daughter in the car! Never again! I could feel the car floating! Used 4 wheel drive and got out!  Stupid me! Since then I have seen high water float a three foot wide and 30 foot long tree trunk out into the road! STAY OUT OF THE WATER!


    Luckily, I never faced this situation. A warning to all. If there is a live wire or wires touching the water, and you step out of the vehicle, you can get electrocuted. If you can't drive out, don't get out! Wait for might not even see the wire(s).

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