Do they still give typing tests when you apply to work for a large / good company ?

    Yes, I know we don't type on a typewriter anymore, but do they still test you for speed and accuracy when you apply for a job ?

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    Yes MCM.  Some companies do continue to administer typing tests.




    Thks for the answer, C B . Wish I could give everybody's answer a " best answer "
    country bumpkin

    This is a kind gesture MCM. Widdle Away !

    C B - - -whittle
    country bumpkin

    I didn't mean for you to widdle/pee on them. Whittle is correct. LOL

    Most questions in a job interview are psychologically based, in my opinion this is wrong, but that's my opinion, I would assume most of the present generation can type quite competently unlike my one fingered efforts, so I don't think there is a need for any testing.


    good answer . Since you mentioned it, I think they do give " key board lessons " to both sexes...whereas when I was in the 9th grade, only girls took typing. Ok, there was one boy in my class.

    <!--StartFragment-->See the source imageApparently. And if you can't do it fast enough, you probably won't be their "type". <!--EndFragment-->


    thks, Clonge. That's cute matter the company or position, the more information you have the the better the decision for hiring or production in the workplace 


    Maybe some of you have young adults in your family or friends and you can ask them .I would ask my step -grand children but it's been along time since they applied for their first serious job. They are 34 and 36.They both work for big / good companies in the Cleveland area.

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