(UK) National Curry Week starts October 22nd.. Which curry is your favourite and why?


    ...I bought this today...No one under 16-years - old is allowed to purchase it.


                        It does come complete with the whole pepper.

      My favourite curry dish is Vindaloo because I enjoy eating spicy foods. ( Heck, my mouth is watering while I'm typing).

      Suuum-bod-eee complained (last year?) that the  Volcanic Vindaloo sold at a popular supermarket here in the UK is not hot enough. 

      This year for curry week, the supermarket has introduced "Flaming Fiery Phaal" and it's supposed to be hotter than the Vindaloo.


      The curry is made with a Scorpion chilli which is ranked as the fourth hottest chilli in the world.

    Read all about this curry here.


    My question is:  What is your favourite Indian curry (or Indian food) and why do you like it more than other curries?

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    Can you tell us why there is an age restriction?

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    it's a nonstarter with me. With a few exceptions, I avoid spices because for my taste they diminish the natural flavor of good food. Hence, 'One man's meat is another man's poison', and for me, it's the latter.


    country bumpkin

    Bummer. Yes, some of the spiced used in Indian food can be overpowering. I don't like the black cardamon or too much fennel.

    You know what? I’ve never have had and or tasted curry. I’ve read a little about it. I understand there is really no exact recipe, that people have their own taste. It surprised me that you can buy certain kinds, a set flavo. Hmmm. Never have had India food. Does hummus count? I love that and make my own......

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