What do you think about the relationship between Kanye West and Trump?

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    country bumpkin

    I listened to a 12-minute video of one man bashing President Trump and Kanye West because he supports Trump. The video really had nothing to do with their relationship or your question.

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    I believe President Trump sat there patiently listening to some of the foolishness and filth spewing from Kanye West mouth because KW  is such a massive celebrity with a huge following.   More Votes for Trump!



    You've nailed it!

    Kanye West has mental health issues which he himself has acknowledged. Trump however, in his usual "all about me" style, exploited Kanye to the fullest. Meanwhile, thousands of U.S. citizens are having their lives torn apart by another hurricane and Trump is having a celebrity party at the white house, for his own selfish political reasons. But Kanye loves 'that guy' and that's all that matters. Shame, shame on Trump!

    I guess I should give Trump credit for his usual, sincere one liner about "sending thoughts and prayers". (Great.)

    ....egos using each other

    There is no such thing as a relationship with trump. He’s all about himself and has absolutely no room for anybody else, not even his wife......


    ….and probably not his kids either unless for a bragging session about himself. "So many people love me and there was no collusion and Hilary lost and my crowds are the biggest in history".


    Brothers from other mothers

    I don't know why he let him into his office. Maybe he's star struck or maybe his wife or son wanted to meet him .

    Two really fascinating people. They are both:

    excentric, very rich and smart about making money.  Donald is a master communicator, and funny.  People like Kanya for his creativity, dress style, beautiful wife and smart mother in law.  When you get two people in a room like them it's explosive and exciting even if one or both might have other problems.

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