I just went past a restaurant that had its Christmas lights on. We're barely into October. Don't you think it's too early?

    How early is too early for you?

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    I do think October is too early for Christmas decorations and Christmas commercials.  Thanksgiving (USA)  seems to almost go unnoticed because it sets in the middle of all the hoopla between Halloween and Christmas.



    Yep. We have stores displaying Halloween and Christmas decorations, almost side by side. Ick.

    Too early for me is anytime before December 1st, the day that my Christmas tree goes up. Bah humbug!     :)

    No way Clonge,,they are just money hungry grubs,,it has nothing to do with Christmas or Christ..i am surprised they have not tried to take the word Christ out of Christmas..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Related image

    ....$ea$onal greed trumps traditional holiday


    "Trump$" :)


    Drive around west texas small towns and you will see christmas lights up year round illuminating all the treasures ( garbage ) in people front yards at night. 

    Perhaps they never took down last year’s......


    It's possible, but again,they were on.

    Yes it's far too early, Two weeks before Christmas is plenty soon enough. 

    that's a bit much; and so has Target put  out their Christmas trees and decorations for sale for almost a month , and it's not even Halloween yet.

    I think it's early, but the stores that want you to buy, purchase, buy, don't think so.

    Too early, too early? certainly, it is too early, too early by a mile. If I were in your shoes I would visit this restaurant and let the owner or headwaiter know your displeasure of the matter. You can also check if there are any Christmas dishes on the menu, and if not, why not?
    Good luck and Bon appetit.


    I'm Jewish, so it doesn't really bother me. I posted the question, I guess, from a Christian point of view. I think that Christmas has become way over commercialized, and the earlier it's "celebrated", distracts from the holiday itself. I have Catholic cousins by marriage, and they take the lights down soon after Christmas, and string 'em back up again after Thanksgiving.

    @Clonge…."over commercialized" is an expression that my parents used way back in the 1950s. If we would all stop the frantic shopping, way too much of it and way too early, it wouldn't be "commercialized".....but we won't.

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