What is the weather like in your area right now?

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    It's a crisp but pleasant 12 degrees Celsius ( 54 F) at 10:45 am.


     I'm sitting in my living room wearing a pair of shorts and a long sleeved sweat top while drinking a cup of coffee. I have the door opened that leads to the veranda a few feet away from me and the sun shining brightly on my computer screen coming in through the window behind me.

      I will be changing into my pants to take Abner out for his morning walk shortly.    It looks like it's going to be a perfect day to hang clothes outside to dry.  Time to sort the laundry. :))


    Walking around Scotland in your pants cb, that's it bit naughty.

    65 degrees now , west texas, thats going to be about the high today. Little over 4 inches rain yesterday. Up to another 3 by monday. Cooling off now finally. 

    country bumpkin

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    Hey, Z, we went from 90 to 44 in ten minutes. A very wet day with, so far, 144 closed low water crossings. Alas, SOMEBODY will drown from going around the barrier...

    We had 40 ml of rain yesterday and 24 ml today..more tomorrow..23 degrees centigrade..bit cool..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    A weird 83 F today! By Saturday morning a forecast of 34F. That will be a frost. The first of the season.

    Humid. Ha ha! Front, what front. But five days of rain is supposed to be coming....


    Chance of winter mix in here in west texas monday morning.

    Its 14c dry with a slight breeze  ,  very nice for the time of year.

    10/6/18, 3:28 P.M. New York. 66 degrees, overcast and wind is calm.

    ....cloudy with a chance of rain wind and 70 degrees 

    It's about 55*F and raining off and on. I've not seen sunshine for five days now. I'll appreciate it when it does show up.

    Image result for pic of rainy fall day

    country bumpkin

    Pretty picture

    Pretty close to "the real thing" right now. :)

    It's hot and humid here in Mich- - - 84---86 F  for Oct  9th . It's called an " Indian Summer " It's supposed to plunge to 50 degrees F on Fri....during the daytime  :-\

    The Mexican weather forecast is cool today, hot tomale .

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