Judge Kavanaugh: Do you think that he'll be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, or not?

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     I think it's a little iffy, but I hope he gets the votes he's needing to become the next Supreme Court Judge.




    Is he what the country needs?

    Clonge NO NO NO!
    country bumpkin

    Clonge YES YES YES! :))

    But he has no lawyer ethics established yet. Went from clerk to judge with no in between. Never learned that a good lawyer doesn’t show emotion no matter what, just isn’t versed enough to sit as a judge of the highest. Give him five years of court practice and I might be willing to give him a second look...
    country bumpkin

    There's an old saying, "Practice makes perfect". I stand by my answer

    Three women have accused him of sexual assault! Is that not important enough for the proceedings to STOP while a THOROUGH investigation is launched? In total, 28 witness names were handed to the FBI to question and NONE were! Huh??? If that had happened to me and I'd had the courage to publicly state it, then at the very least, I want questions asked.....many questions asked! But then, I believe that Trump/supporters all have the same beliefs, which blow my mind! Trump can grab a woman by the "-----", laugh about it and still have women laughing WITH him and holding up signs "Women for Trump". I just don't get that thinking so I guess there is something wrong with ME. :(

    I think he will be on the Supreme Court!  Yes ladies go back to the early 1900's ! Sorry all you young women!



    Keep 'em home on the farm where they belong!
    country bumpkin

    Yep, they have some milking to do. LOL

    ....John 8:7

    ....Matt 7

    ....I think he will be nominated 

    ....please, don't tweet anything Mr. President 

    ....Congress, please do things right and also, do the right thing


    "please don't tweet anything Mr. President". LOLOLOLOL!!!
    His next twitter attack is imminent. Maybe it will be against one of his man crushes in Russia or North Korea?

    They say the FBI investigation was a farce.  That did not really want the truth of the situation.  I think tomorrow Saturday he will get enough votes. It's kind of sad because many will feel lying is a good and honorable thing to do. I heard from several women today that say they are disgusted and upset by the whole Kavanaugh debacle. To me he should have said I'm sorry for anything I might have done as a 17 year old but I've done my best for the rest of my life.  I think he would have gotten more respect from the public in general.


    Also interesting is that three women gave the FBI the names of 28 people to question and the FBI questioned exactly ZERO! What a system!

    Of course he will. Woman mean nothing in this white mans world. Their thoughts are pidance and of little value. And what possibly could the magnitude of churches, the Jesuits, past full time buddies possess that is so hard time crucial? This superior group of a minute batch of old , white, and very rich men supposed to represent we the people have shown their true colors. But he’ll get in. Wonder that it will last....


    Sadly, WOMEN cheer for Trump too ("Women for Trump" signs at every pep rally) who is the ultimate example of a man who is disturbingly disrespectful to women in every way. Women hating women? I ask everyday when I see him ranting his utter nonsense on television, why? What is there to admire? :(

    Surely money isn’t that great of a turn on..... he has a foul mouth, perhaps another attractant? He feed their racist fury and racist fears. HE’LL FIX EVERYTHING! As one woman told me she doesn’t care what he has done in his past, it’s the now that matters. YeeGads! They actually believe he’s done something worthwhile beside endangering the wily elephant....

    Seven reprints of the same article? Boy! That sure convinces me! The man a) has no real trial experience, he has never been up to try a case b) he’s 30 younger than trump, 10 years younger then me. Given the credentials, good though they may be, simply aren’t enough for a lifetime appointment c) he couldn’t control himself while being crossed. I sincerely doubt his ability to remain impartial in the highest court of the land d) I know of boys who did just as bad as he did in the past but in this day and age, the behavior is inexcusable f) I believe her. No woman would risk the slander, death threats, the ruin of a lifetime just to get their name in the press. K) his drinking behavior now speaks for himself. Was his fraternity all boys? Boys will be boys and amongst each other, one trying to outdo the other, I can see them all trying to outdo the other l) in this day and age the behavior would not be acceptable in any form. I don’t see how a mere 30 years changes anything j) I’m not judging him on his past sexual persona but rather his past period. He’s not qualified nor aged enough for the highest court, a lifetime commitment k) I just don’t want him calling the shots for my own life. He’s got a whopping 10 years on me and as he’ll stand there will be little chance of swaying him l) if hundreds of thousands protesters cant make a dent in the outcome, then it goes to show there is little hope for we the people. All white old men put him through. I didn’t vote for a single one of them. It’s still a man’s world.....

    @jh...In fairness to Terry, it appears that he only reads "articles", clicks on "links" and only hears "sound bites" but never hears speeches, hearings, comments, rallies, debates, LIVE, as we do here in Canada and you do there in the U.S. He thinks that Trump (and Kavanaugh) are good men, no questions asked. To quote Trump….sad!

    I’m left with one question only: HOW?                     Straight from the DEMOCRATS mouth. So it must be true.  

    terryfossil 1

    He said,she said.Zorro..and innocent till proven guilty...interesting link mate..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

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