It gives me the shivers just thinking about it

    In the United States, a single person is authorised to make the decision to use a nuclear weapon - the president. He is not required to consult with any advisors before issuing a launch order. No one in the Defense Department, Congress, or the judicial branch can lawfully prevent the use of nuclear weapons once the president’s order is given. Does any other member of this Forum share my concern?

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    When I was a child we were supposed to get under your school desk and cover your head! Right that always works for a nuke bomb! The current government needs more cool heads before the button!

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    I shudder at the thought of nuclear weapons period. 

    Nobody in this big old world would have to worry about being annihilated by the nuclear bombs or weapons of mass destruction if they did not exist in the first place.

     It's not been confirmed, but it has been told the biscuit went missing for several months while Clinton was in office. How scary is that!  Thankfully, the gold codes/launch codes are changed on a daily basis. faith is with God instead of man

    Not possible, what in the world are you thinking of?

    Here’s to hoping Obama took the nuclear codes with him. I have utterly no faith (or respect) in the man occupying the Oval Office at this time. It scares the poop outa me.....


    He's the only one so far that had the guts and the brains to stand up to China's unfair trade practice.And our unemployment rate is the lowest at 3.9

    Ah MCM The unemployment rate has been going down the past 8 years. Wonder how that happened??

    And WW111 is so easily accessed and with his mentality, ego, and narcissism he’s inches away from having innocence murdered, destruction umong once peaceful people, brother against brother, needless deaths, orphans, refugees, and then turn a blind eye. No one can check him.

    Living in the country right next door you can bet we have concerns in Canada. We're afraid that, based on watching/listening to him on a daily basis, anyone could talk him into "pushing the button" just by telling him how wonderful he is and then whispering "Do it Donald". His decisions are all based around supporting that gigantic ego of his.       :(

    Hahaha...fake news! All you have to do is Google It! Do some research instead of posting crap like he does not have that authority! 


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    @ Jhharan/Julie, It's Not your place to tell anyone on akaQA to, "Butt Out". This is a worldwide general question and answer site so any person who chooses to join this forum and give an answer or express his or her opinion (as long as it does not break akaQA rules) is allowed to do so.
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    You are correct Maga,,no one person has that power..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Westie,Duckster, and jh...... it scares me that - - - that nut hole in North Korea has his thumb on the button . At least Pres Trump didn't kill his uncle like Kim Jung Oon did

    I remember reading a book called the cold war, and the nearest we all came to WW111 was during the Cuban Crisis in the 50s when one night two American bombers took off from an airbase over here, with nuclear bombs on board and headed out towards The USSR waiting for the order, fortunately  they were called back at the last minute. Kennedy was President at the time.

    The media has done a great job at scaring people to believing that. There is a whole lot more to it than you think. 

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