"Deportation Time". California middle school students create controversial game, approved by teacher. "Funny, but not funny".

    I think it's funny that somebody would think about making a game out of the deportation process, but the underlying problems are disturbing. I just heard on the radio that the teacher has some explaining to do.

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    What sort of a teacher allows students to make up a game that involves provoking violence.

    These kids are talking about a "Bomb Shop" and blowing up stuff as if it is acceptable because it's in the form of a board game.

    What if the game they made up was about bullying students or teenage suicide. 

    Roll the dice and if you roll a double then you must choose what weapon or form you will use to bully a person or to commit suicide.   Roll another double and............   Would the teacher have still kept her mouth shut if the game was regarding these two sensitive subjects?

    I agree with the article that the teacher missed a perfect teaching opportunity by not commenting or discussing the sensitive matter.  What makes it worse is that she allowed her students to believe it is perfectly okay to endorse blowing up buildings or walls and potentially killing people in the process because the students see it as a bunch of fun and games.


    Personal opinion: The teacher should be placed on leave.


    Great answer. I'm waiting to hear what the teacher has to say. I'll post it if it's available.

    I love board games (finding a playing partner is a trip) and this one sounds great! Only not with the subject manner asked for. Kind of tasteless. Very tasteless regardless of what ever year it is. Immigration is a serious subject in the sense the teacher is referring to, people south of the USA boarders seeking refuge here. I mean, immigration extends to many other people. Correct me if I misread but Asian immigrants outnumber those of Mexican decent. Illegally, too. This is too broad a subject to be so limited. Rather racist as well. What in the Sam Hill is being taught to these children? Not a great deal of thought went into the game’s creation. I believe it was just the teacher and a none too bright one either....  right now I’m sitting next to a girl from Nigeri. She got here via airplane.....


    If I recall correctly, you are part Nigerian. Maybe you're kin, as in "aKINola"?

    I asked her if we were cousins but she couldn’t answer for laughing so hard.....

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