Do you take your vehicle to a car wash?

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    In the few years I’ve owned my car, I took it once to a car wash. It’s the right color and doesn’t show dirt unless you’re inspecting the wheels.....

    I take mine to one of the local car wash , run by Eastern Europeans . They do a wash for £5  which is cheap, it's half the price of 20 cigarettes . They wash the cars in double time and get them really clean , not sure if they are legal or not. No one seems to care any more, and you wouldn't get Engilsh youngsters doing it.



    Sad,, there use to be car washes all around in the summer. things like 4H boyscouts , girl scouts, it was a good way to raise money for clubs. Now there very rare. They would rather sit on there butts, while mom and dad sell there cookies and popcorn.

    .... I am too tight, try to wash it as long as I am able


    Me too! Maybe we should get bigger cars, or lose weight?

    Nope.  It's a bit large.



    sometimes at Chevron, or regular car wash.


    Yes, get the bugs off. Birds like eating bugs off front bumper too.

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