What is your favorite thing about your kitchen?

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    Everything that is red.  

    All of our cast iron.

    country bumpkin

    I'm jealous :))

    I've been collecting for awhile. The oldest is an 1877 Patton waffle iron. The newest is a lodge frying pan, a friend at work got it, abused the he!! Out of it, including throwing it in fire, letting it sit in the back of his truck for a few weeks,before going to throw it away. Right before he did, he found out I restore CI. He gave it to me and after an electrolysis tank and 3 coats of seasoning, it's beautiful.

    ....tasty nutritional  production

    My countertop cutting board. Yes, I Clorox it regularly.....


    We put butcher block counter tops in, our cutting board is the piece I cut out for the stove top. I fancyed it up by routing the edges and routing a blood groove in it. It gets cleaned with vinegar.

    Vinegar, huh? Makes sense. Odor and all that (my house smells of vinegar right now as I’m dewrinkling a new dress. I love the stuff) but does it kill bacteria?

    Yes it does JH we use a 50/50 mix water with white vinegar. We also use white vinegar in the wash. Only bout 1/2 to 1 cup. You can smell it on your cloths. But it helps.

    3 to1 mix of white and water. Put in a spray bottle and use to take wrinkles out of whatever. Once dried you can’t smell it. I use it for really smelly wash. I love vinegar. Balsamic and olive oil and crusty bread make for good eating....

    OMG yup,..... Great stuff..... I try to drink Apple cider vinegar also

    Love apple cider vinegar in water, good for you unbelievably. Growing up we’d rinse our hair with white vinegar. Good for getting soap out. Love me some good vinegar. Would kill to try REAL, aged balsamic. Understand if you pour a drop on a slice of Parmesan it makes an excellent desert.....

    There's an Italian restaurant in Celina Oh called Bella's. They have the best Balsamic and olive oil dipping sauce, fresh bread. Now I'm hungry again...

    Good to know depending on where my travels take me....

    - - - the food

    Its width, 20'

    My wife cooking in it. Spent alot of time , effort , and money building it. Drawers that close . Two sinks, Plenty of light, Not having to build an island, yet.

    country bumpkin

    Every kitchen needs an Island. Get busy, Zorro. LOL

    I am not in it,it is not my department,,if i was not married to a great cook,i would live on fast food..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..


    In that case, you would be a lot sicker than you are and have a more difficult time recuperating from surgeries.
    terryfossil 1

    yOUR ON THE MONEY dUCKY..:):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Good that you have a wife. :))

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