On a scale of 1-10, how important are manners to you? What manner failure is most irritating to you?

    Please and thank you should be part of everyone’s repetoire. Bad manners really get under my skin. How about you? Do you have any just bad manners stories?

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    Manners are important and they seem to be becoming "uncool".

    Say please when you tell me how much I owe at the cash register. Say thank you when I hand you my payment.

    Say excuse me when you bump into me.

    Say excuse me if you must step in front of me, while I am looking at something on a store shelf.

    Close your mouth when you are chewing.

    Don't make a joke of expelling gas from 'wherever'.

    Don't use the F-word as your constant filler.

    Don't use the Lord's name as your favorite curse word.

    Say you're sorry once in a while.

    Don't floss/pick your teeth in public.

    Stop fiddling with your hair every three minutes.

    I have to stop now because I'm getting really irritated!!!       lol

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    People who chew their food with their mouth open really annoys me,,we had a lot of asians at work,and they used to bring a plastic container with rice in it for lunch,,and not one of them chewed with their mouth shut,,thankfully i did not eat in the canteen very often..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..


    Confucius say "Many a man eat, but "Fu Man Chu"

         Manners are very important

        I believe we should all strive for a 10 

    when it comes to utilizing our manners.


    I tend to notice if a person does not have good table manners.

    Not placing the napkin on your  lap and smacking food  grates 

    on my nerves.


    ....manners are important, especially for children to observe 

    ....opinion : using our Lord's name in vain is a no,no


    You’ve nailed it! Twice!

    Manners are important. I hate people who you are having lunch with to talk on their phone. Also hate people who scrape their teeth on silverware. Also people who interrupt constantly. Geez I sound like I hang with a bunch of weirdos


    country bumpkin

    My mother, all 80 plus pounds of her, scrapes her teeth when she pulls the fork away from her mouth. It drives me insane!

    I feel your pain, clu.

    It's like chalk on a blackboard
    country bumpkin

    Exactly! LOL

    your making me feel hungrey c/b,,

    Chalk sandwich Dennis? That will settle the wind.

    Manners are so important to me, especially if i'm going out on a date. Just general politeness to me and others.  Not being rude to others in public or to me. I have quit potential suiters over bad manners. e.g. talking rude and/or loud or getting mad in public is very irritating, and we are done!!! Not done like a pancake, but done like a dead rat.


    Remind me not to say “ain’t got no” to you.....

    I don't mine crazy language, anything can be fun or funny. but don't be insulting as many are now a days, like that man that ran into that woman and her family Wednesday, because her husband asked him if he could stop smoking. More people are turning crazy today, let alone rudeness and bad manners. I just like to make it home in one piece.

    Good manners is very important, something that used to be taught from the time you could take notice. Sadly not practised so much these days.


    I hate it when people reach over you to get some food off the table instead of nicely asking you to pass it to them .They eat Archie Bunker style

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