If you work out, what's the least favorite part of your body to exercise?

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    3 Answers arm that holds the fork

    Every morning and afternoon i do 50 curls with 2 5 kilo dumbells,5 x5 seconds with 2 5 kilo dumbells with arms stretched out like a cross,then finish with 10 curls with 25 kilo bar..then every 2nd day i add a 20 klm exercise on a recliner bike,,the least likeable is the 25 kilo bar,,at 67 years old that makes me work...but i hope to do better in the future..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    My butt and thighs. With the exception of walking (that I love) I don’t do poop for exercising. It’s all so mundane and the benefits aren‘t apparent soon enough. I want results for my labors. Now my arms I enjoy working out. I used to be quite strong and my muscles showed. Feels real good to lift, pull, twist them back into shape. And the end means show.....

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