What is your favorite smell?

    When I was young, it was my mother‘s roast cooking (she wou pat the cut with vinegar to help tenderize it). One could smell the meat cooking with an infer tone of vinegar. I’m grown now and my mother is gone so I’d have to say it’s what you smell before it rains or the smell of the ocean.....

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    The old sweet and grocery shops, they had a lovely smell about them. A mixture of old timber floors, sweets, and lemonade.


    ....rain on fresh cut grass/hay

    ....fresh ground coffee 


    ....wife's cooking 

    ....clean sheets

    The smell of autumn.....leaves falling, rain, even the breeze smells different from any other time of the year.

    Beautiful Fall Leaves

    Lantana..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for lantana photos

    Fresh cut grass. Fresh dirt that's just been turned over, walking out in wheat stubble that's being combined. Did you know if you grab a handful of wheat out of the hopper, chew it long enough it turns into gum? Our antique tractors are between 50 and 80 years old, many are original, get them hot working in the field and smell them it's unique. Just not the same as the newer ones. And lilacs.

    Sunday supper on the stove:

    Chocolate cake.

    food, and women's perfume or men's cologne.

    This question instantly reminded me of the times I visited a funfair where I was attracted by that unmistakable aroma of freshly made candy floss. My mouth is already watering, yum yum!

    country bumpkin

    Candy floss (cotton candy) is my favourite sweet treat from the fair too.

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