What is the most important thing foryou to consider when buying a car....price, prestige, speed, space, reliability,,,,?

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    1. Reliability

    2. Price

    3. Space

    4. Colour

    5. Prestige (not so much)  

    ....price, gas mileage, safety and dependability 

    ....years ago, when I was a cool fool, the other stuff seemed important 

    I’ve owned a car for all of my driving life. FREE is the operative word here. They’ve all been great until they broke down. My present car I bought and am paying for. Four more years to go. Why’d I pick it? Because I could, was able to. I just wanted a car, got in, drove it and said ok. They drove it to my home and it’s been mine every since. Turns out it’s pretty and sporty and moves when you step on the gas! Good on the highways and turns on a dime. I’m happy. In short, I had no idea of what I was hunting for.....

    1.price.2.height off the ground.3.fuel economy.4.service costs.5 colour 6.will not buy a car with a timing belt,only timing chain....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for captiva 5 photos

    I think all of the above in deciding which car to purchase but for me is 'safety' built into the car comes out on top thats why i bought a toyota, could not afford a Merc. 300 class, as possibly right up there for absolute safety.

    price, reliability and beauty.  I love beauty in all forms, on people, flowers, art, buildings, animals, etc.


    Will it get me from point a to point b?? Which Engine, transmission, ect. I prefer a diesel but most diesels made today are junk. Price is in there also,.

       (1)  the price

        ( 2) the amount of mileage on it b/c I always buy used cars.

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