What is good in your life??

    I'm sitting on a log watch a pot of hobo stew cook in an old cast iron bean pot on a tri pod. Beautiful sunset to the west, heck of a lightning show to the north and northwest. The fire is dyeing gotta lower the pot, almost time for supper. Is there anything better??

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    My partner, gotta give the dog a mention too, family and makeshift family are all good. many blessings to thank God for in life

    ....the growing relationship with the Lord is good 


    He evens sits beside you watching that ol bean pot, sunset, and the lightning. Sometimes ya just gotta sit and take it all in.
    Benthere is wonderful to sit with the Creator

    Any day above ground has gotta be a good day JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I’m happy and James is going to mow the lawn. David is improving with aggresive therapy. I’ve got the makings for a good supper. We’re a two car family now. Things are going well enough that the bad crap is just that, just bad crap. I would however like to be ny the fire reading a book....


    We won't need any warm fires til late November! I've been sitting at my outdoor bistro table every morning with coffee, protein bar, and "The Book Thief", my current read.

    Oh! I read that one. The beginning is sad, I remember that. Shoot, who am I kidding? The whole book is sad. But a good read...

    You're right...great, sad read.
    Next is "Dance of Death" by Hudson. It's about a man who's wife murdered him.

    Even the challenges and fails are blessings. I want for nothing, needs are met, opportunities abundant. Life is good.

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