Have you ever been let off the hook and.............................

    Have you ever been let off the hook and, if yes, how did you get on the hook in the first place?

    This may be difficult to answer, so, if you cannot recall anything, just answer with a no, or better still, make something up, something plausible.

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    I had to front a court,could have cost me a few years,,the judge took it easy on me,he did hit me with a coupla provisios,,but i believe i got off the hook very well..thanks to the Beak..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No I guess, because I can't think of anything. Maybe someone else's answer will trigger a memory.          :(

              I was plausibly Hooked from the start





    I feel sure you meant 'audibly' Hooked.
    country bumpkin

    I meant plausible, but let's mix it up a bit and say both. LOL

    ....anytime I did things my way instead of God's way

    ....thank God for His mercy and grace

    Our neighbors had rabbits. My sister and I snuck a couple out of their hutch, took them home, and hid them in the "side yard". Mom called for us, and I  answered the call, returning to our hiding place (big bush) to tell Sis the neighbors noticed the missing rabbits and were going to call the police.  Mom said they were going to call in an hour. We managed to get the rabbits back without being seen by anyone. 



    Good old mum, she knew what you had been up to, as they always do.

    She sure did, and probably because the neighbors called her. We thought we were so sneaky...

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