R.I.P. John McCain. What do you remember the most about him?

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    ....a patriot and statesman who loved our country 

    ....God bless

    His honesty, even when he knew he was going against the 'popular opinion' and might lose votes for himself. Imagine if he had become President of U.S.A.

    country bumpkin

    He certainly had my vote.

    I remember the picture of him when he was young and handsome and wounded lying in a hospital bed in Vietnam. The Vietnamese beat the crap out of him .

    I was surprised he was such a handsome young man. Real cute!!!


    I respected him and thought he was a great statesman. Did you know his mother is still alive? She is 106 years old.


    I think he was brave, honest, and had principles which he stuck by.

    I wish I knew the quote but he firmly stated trump was not invited to his funeral. I have a grudging respect for trump for honoring this wish......

    I'll have mixed memories....Sarah Palin for his VP, his sabotage vote against repealing Obamacare, and I think he was true to himself. 

    I know very little about him,however i believe he was a good soldier,and good soldiers are the backbone of a country..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    The jury is inconclusive on how good a soldier he was.
    terryfossil 1

    The jury was not there Bob,and we can only hope he was a good soldier,as i believe the vast majority are..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The jury is a lot of people who were there. Some were on the deck of the ship that caught fire, possibly because of something he did. There's 134 souls who have no say...

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