Do we humans do the things we do because we have observed animals for hundreds of years, and we copy them?

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    ....opinion : acculturation is more through human observation/interaction


    Certainly not Tab,there are things we can learn from them,but not how to be a better human,,most animals are creatures of instinct,,humans grow and learn and think for themselves..just my opinion TAB..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..


    thank you terry!!!
    terryfossil 1

    Your welcome Tab..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think they probably have learnt from us, although I think apes are more intelligent than we first thought, that's because they are the nearest to us. Apparently cats meow to us humans because we talk to them, and they us the meow as a way to talk back. They don't usually communicate with each other by meow, only when they fight, and they scream at each other then. 

    I would then be very confused by the expression "Monkey see, monkey do". Who saw whom do what and when?        :)


    ....try C-SPAN

    Oh no. I can't bear it. :)

    Ben, LMBO

    I don't believe at any point in my life there has been an instance where I saw an animal do something and thought, "Yeah, THAT'S what I should be doing, too, just like that!"

    No, not at all. We’ve learned strictly from each other.....

    Instinctually, we have many similarities, void from thought.

    Experientially, we ought to be quite different.

    I do wish that I could jump like a goat at times :)


    Or fly like a bird? :)

    No, I think we are genetically programed to operate the way we do, Tab  and our environment when we were growing up has a lot to do with our behavior........not our relationship with animals.The only way in which man /woman have copied animals was to look at birds' design- - - to build  something we could use to fly

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