Does anyone intimidate you? If so, who and why?

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    My Drill Sargent. Green Berea ,  3 tours in Vietnam, 6'2" yellow eyes. The only person that my first thought was evil. He just had a look to him.


    Worse than Mayo in "An officer and a Gentleman?

    Ya this guy wasn't nice. But I would definitely want to be in his side.

    There is always a stand over merchant somewhere in your life.and it is usually a person who is in a position of untouchable,a bad landlord.a bad cop,a bad boss..the list could go on...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..


    Some landlords are stupid...and poor! :
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    Yeah, one of the best Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    I have found that as I get older people think they intimidate me. It doesn't work though, because my brain thinks I am still 20 years old and I retaliate.

    .... I fear the Lord; without His mercy and grace I am nothing 

    ....His love saves, thank God

    Yes. Me. I scare myself.

    See the source image

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    Will the real Quacker please stand up..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
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    Is the above a real photo of you Quacker..?????? my avatar a real photo of me.???????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Um no Terry. This looks more like my mother's era. lol
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    By the look on her face it looks like a very worrying era Quacker..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    We’re getting help now through a VA facility. They’re supposed to help around the house. Had one show up with an attitude. i couldn’t work up the nerve to ask her (tell her) to do anything! The one today has swept and is washing ash trays!

    Occasionally, but not often. "Awe" might be a better word. Sometimes, a person may try to intimidate me with a position of authority, which seldom flies. 


    I need a working email address for you. You know mine, should work

    See FB messenger

    Got it

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