Do you know anyone that has died from cancer?

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    Too many to even mention, sad but true.

    Oh of course. Relatives, friends, co-workers...

    My cousin, Mark, from Hodgkins Disease, at 16. Lindsey, a freshman in high school, Dennis and Marcella - brother and sister, and many more.

    But, I know many who survived, too!

    ....yes, several 

    Yes. My friend from high school. She was 20 when she died. My sister-in-law also died of cancer at 35.

    Dreadful disease!


    many people but the worst one was my husband died of bladder cancer 18 yrs. ago. What a nightmare for his daughter, his grandchildren, his sisters. ....even for my brother and his wife . They felt bad. My cousin and her husb loved him too. My mom missed him very much. He was helping me take care of her.

    Yes; from colon, lung cancer, and leukemia.


    my g. friend's son died of leukemia when he was only 34. My other best friend's daughter died of leukemia when she was 57 :'-( A couple of our ardent akaers died :-(

    My great grandfather died from throat cancer. in 1973. He smoke all of his adult life.  I was very young, but I remember him well. I named my son after him.


    My uncle (in-law) died from Melanoma skin cancer (?) when he was 49-years-old. He worked as a roughneck and a tool pusher for many years so he was exposed often to the sun for many years

    Yes to many, including my mentor and best friend. 

    David’s wife found out she had cancer and died nine days later. Hence my sudden move-in. Both of my parents were cancer survivors (my dad a three timer) but age itself finally wore them out......


    I remember that very troubling time.

    Like yesterday. This party will make it seem more mine!

    Good. You HAVE made a home for David and yourself.

    Yes too many, friends and family. But over the last few years several  that have survived , each year they find more ways to save people form that terrible disease.


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