Have you ever felt that you were the victim of discrimination? If so, please explain.

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    Many cities in England & around the World refuse to accept Scottish money as legal tender although Scottish banks are some of the biggest businesses on the planet, this tends to niggle ma wee ribs a bit, Scottish notes are legal tender WORLDWIDE, and should not be refused.



    Just imagine this too. Some places in United States will not accept Canadian money.....don't even know what it is! lol

    ....yes, when our government leaders have better health coverage than the tax payers

    Age discrimination runs rampant. People start to explain something to me as though I am a nine year old. As soon as I say something such as "Got it, got it", they will quit being so condescending. I think the white hair indicates that a thorough explanation, very slowly, and in great detail is required.   lol


    ....Yippy, our new karmillionaire

    Wow thanks Ben. I didn't realize that I had 'wasted' so much time on here! lol

    Not me personally. Not even when kids started being bussed from the other side of the tracks. There were a lot of fights but everybody seemed to like me. Well, I was never jumped. I’m sure my whiteness has been some sort of privilege for me in some ways but none of them noticeable.....

    There have been a few issues here and there through the years. There usually were because of my heritage. 

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