Do you still use landlines or just cell phones?

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    I have always had my landline as "VOIP"hooked up to my internet,,which is cheaper than most landlines,however most states of Aussie are in the process of changing all landlines over to "NBN VOIP phones",which became outdated from the day the government began laying optic fibre lines..the mobile phone is used for mostly emergences..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

    Cell phone. Internet comes from the mobile hot spot on the cell.

    We need the landline to receive internet service.  Roy has a Smartphone. I have a little cheapie phone that makes for a good alarm clock. LOL

    I use both! I hate my cell phone!

    country bumpkin

    I'm not a fan of cell phones either. :))

    Both , I use my mobile most of the time. we need the land line for wifi It works out a bit expensive though .

    We have a landline, came with the internet package. Would be more expensive without it. As no one is listed with the number (I don’t even know it!), it rarely rings. If it does they are a charity asking for money or someone selling insurance. I use my cell for everything including David’s doctors....

    I have not used a land line in quite some time, probably over ten years. 

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