Have you been having a good summer so far? What was the most fun for you?

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    How about you?

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    ....things are improving after spending 25 days of the summer in the hospital 


    hope you continue to get better, Ben .

    ....thank you and God

    that's good for the improvement!

    Keep on the mend Ben.

    The best day of the year so far, was my great nephew's wedding. It was a lovely sunny day, all the family were there, some I hadn't seen for ages . The venue was really nice, an old country house with a drive about a mile long, horses and alpacas in the fields. The food was wonderful, after the ceremony we had drinks, then afternoon tea, sandwiches ,cakes, ice cream  ,and more drinks , then in the evening we had a hog roast , and dancing for all ages. It was fantastic.


    that sounds so fabulous!

    It really was , tabber.

    So far so good. Triple digit temperatures so stayed inside unless I HAD to water. Been planning this party (two weeks tomorrow) and it’s coming down to the wire. David is receiving very aggressive therapy and actually took a step almost. My mood has been good......



    Spending time with my sons and their families is the best. 

    Going to Red River , New Mexico, in the cool refreshing air. Being 11,800 feet up in the mountains , and seeing how people lived or traveled long ago. 

    We are in winter at the moment in Aussie,68 Fahrenheit is freezing on the Sunshine Coast,,not my kind of weather at all Tab..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    LOL! Sunny and 68*….perfect weather for golf. Love it!

    Hi Tabbie. Haven't seen you in awhile. One of my most pleasant memories this summer was last Sunday....when I was at my significant other's daughter's house who lives next door to me and I enjoyed playing with her grandchildren. The girl is 2, the boy is 5 and the new baby is 6 weeks. Before that, the whole family , including me, went to Chili's to celebrate Don's 14 yr old great-grandson's birthday . It is  a wonderful family .


    mycatsmom seems like I been so busy this year. But you know I love my akaqa people!!!
    terryfossil 1

    Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. sorry i stuck this in the wrong answer...

    It's been a rough year at work so far  we did take two weeks out in Colorado the narrow gauge Durango and Silverton RR has been on my bucket list for 30+ years. 

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