Have you heard about stem cell medicine yet? If so what have you heard?

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    I’m not all that familiar with stem cell stuff except that it helps a lot of people deal with a variety of things. I’m interested in pancreatic stem cells but figure I’m too old or have had diabetes too long to receive any benef from stem cell therapy....


    you can still benefit from it, if you can afford it. I went to 2 seminars on it. fascinating. seems like it can help most people.

    I haven't been keeping up with the topic, but it seems to have great potential for helping people.

    Yes, I went to a seminar a month ago. The claim is to heal and eliminate pain from joint pain/arthritis. The cost is fairly expensive,  and there are no guarantees. "Old" people - 80+ - are probably not going to benefit from stem cell injections. The stem cells are extracted from placentas, post-delivery. 

    I have my son's stem cells stored. Hopefully, he won't have to harness them. Here's a link:

    I don't know a lot about it but I do hope that the current research will continue.

    It seams it will fix just about anything.maybe to good to be true..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    We werew offered the chance to save the cord blood when Bailey was born, not sure if that's the same but it was very expensive at the time., I haven't 

    all I know is they gave my friends Norm and Linda's son a stem cell transplant and it didn't work. He died anyway. The Drs. said there was a 50 / 50 chance it would work. I guess it's supposed to straighten out the bone marrow so it'll quit making  too many white blood cells. I think they gave him a bone marrow transplant too. He died at 34  :'-(  

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