This is personal. Have you ever gone out with or spent some time with someone of a different race?

    I have. I’ve always had a penchant for Asians. My little boy (all 6’2”) of him is half chine. Did a little more then just date.....

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    Yes, in a work situation. I spent a number of lunch hours with a young man from Pakistan. We got several disapproving looks in the restaurant and while walking back to the office. He spoke of how he never felt as though he fit in, living in Canada, and wondered what it would take to be accepted here. A number of years later, I heard that he had taken his wife and baby and returned to Pakistan where "they could feel comfortable with their own people". I understood.

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    He said that this would be very difficult here.



    My best friend in  5th and 6th grade was hispanic.  I've had a lot of  Hispanic friends while growing up.   The colour of a persons skin does not matter to me.  

    ....dated a girl from China in college

    ....she was nice and smart

    ....she told me her parents would not approve of us dating; apparently, they were smart too

    Yep,a maltese and Aboriginal girls,,was frowned upon a bit back in the day..the problem these days is Sudanese and Muslims..but i married a girl of Aussie and German heritage..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    yes,an American, she was worldly, the best time of my life when i was a teenager. :)


    "worldly"? lol

    Ducky, she knew how to have a 'good' time, i was naive at the time but not for long, plus she was older than me. :)

    I was never really around any other race untill basic training in Ft Benning GA. In highschool we had one black fella and one Hispanic. They were older and never really new them. The GM plant near us started bringing transplants (we called them that) way back then.  that was terrible. Not because of a race issue but because of what GM was doing, but that's another story.

    Yes and it was a great experience.  Everyone should try it once, if not against their tradition and religion.

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