TSA considering eliminating screening at smaller airports. "Brilliant", isn't it? Wouldn't you be afraid to fly out of one of these? I would!

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    According to the article, the luggage and packages will still be screened upon arrival at the larger airports and terroristic threats are also minimal on smaller aircraft because there are not enough people to kill.  


    My concern would be the luggage and packages that will not be screened prior to take-off or screened after landing because of both airports being considered too small to require screening.


    I would also be scared of the passengers. Who would screen them prior to boarding?

    Oh, ha ha, I had to reread the question that it didn’t mean the controllers and their screens. Oh, screening passengers. Ok, let’s stop at that. You don’t think misgotten pleasure couldn’t be gained by killing fewer people? Important people fly in smaller aircraft, too. And it would be important to the survivors that their family member was murdered. Or say the bad guy takes the plane. A small plane can still do a lot of damage. There was a fellow here that flew his plane into the IRS building! People got hurt, I think one died but the pilot was a sure thing. No screening just will change priorities....

    I afraid to fly out of any of them.  I do watch a lot of shows on flying and air planes.  Not up to code enough for my taste.  Pilots are not getting enough training or flying time nowadays and another vast array of problems exits that the public rarely hears about.  Matter of fact last week on the radio they said they finally figured out what happened to the plane that disappeared with 200 plus people on it.  The pilot took it down on purpose. Never found bodies, but some plane parts in the water.


    .... I did not realize that $ize matter$ with $afety

    No. You treat everybody and everything with the same high standard.

    It's all about money

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