Songs you still listen to in 2018

    Mine is Promise me - Beverley Craven

    I just love the feel of the song haha and Beverly Craven's voice is so dramatic :)

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    Anything from the Bee Gees, John Denver and classic country music. Tammy Wynette and George Jones are a fave.

    I was listening to We're Not The Jet Set recently.


     John Denver Calypso

    Bee Gees Words



    I love Bee Gees as well! I love their songs, How deep is your love, Words, Islands in the Stream, and a whole lot more! :) #legends

    Let’s go way back and hear some Cosby, Stills, Nash and maybe Young.......


    Your age is now showing Jewels.

    Loved all their albums .....especially after Young joined the group

    Anything country..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..And you cannot go past Lee Kernaghan...

    send in the clowns,,,,,thiers gota be clowns,,,,,every step you take sting,and gorge michaels the best of,,,,,the phatom of the oprea


    nice to see you , Hectie

    I like all music, except hard rock. so I listen to everything, but mostly soul and rap, not gangsta rap.  I like Spanish language music, most beautiful and different voices.  love country, Elvis, Opera old time music before I was born.  love to watch live music performances.


    ....Stand By Me


    I thought you might have answered "Ben".

    that is also a good song! :)

    Depends on what mood I'm in, I still play the piano to unwind, and depends on my mood I play classical or songs from the 30's through to the 80's.


    Last thursday I had a wunderful Lang Lang evening.
    What a great instrument and a great performer!

    Lang Lang, yes a great pianist , he's ion a different league to me though.,

    In the Mood, String of Pearls, Beyond the Sea, At the Hop, Blue Moon

    John Denver, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond....


    Neil Diiamonds good ,but can he bowl though miss bob,,

    LOL He doesn't need to, hector!

    Unfortunately, now Neil Diamond has parkinsons

    Gracie Fields Sally

    One day in 1945, when I was but a wee toddler, I was sitting on our living-room floor playing with my toys. Our pets, Nutty the cat and Sally the dog were, as usual, keeping me company. The radio, playing somewhat unobtrusively in the background, suddenly came to life. It was Gracie Fields singing perhaps her most loved song 'Sally'. Every time she sang the name 'Sally', our dog would give a long howl, so it's not surprising Nutty made a bolt for the door.

    That day has remained indelibly on my mind.


    She was very popular back in my Mothers days, before the war and beyond.

    when I wanna get in a good mood, I bring up 2 or 3 songs on my smart phone-- - - - -

      1. Come sail away .

      2. Time for a cool change.

       3. Once in a life time.

    Andrew sisters, Rum and Coca-Cola anything Gershwin Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman. Oldies, big band. 

    Rita Coolidge , Expose, Heart, Andrea True Connection, Starland Vocal Band, ABBA , Maxine Nightingale, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr, Jennifer Paige, Firefall, Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes, Foreigner, Paula Cole, The Corrs. Like listening to these when working on house or travelling. 

    IDK but Queen's music still the best to hear for me. :)


    Love all of Queen's songs. did you see the movie about them ?

    @mycatsmom oh yeah Bohemian Rhapsody. I've got teary eyes while watching it.
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