I’m at the eye doctor.....

    When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

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    I get my eyes checked every two years.

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    About 2 months ago. I go every year.

    I had lasik years ago. As long as I go back once a year I've got a warranty on the ol eyes. 


    Wow. You have guts AND can see! (And wear cheap sunglasses....)....

    I don't bother to have my eyes checked because I see fine except for being able to read the small print and my reading glasses solve this problem.


    I did get my poop- scoop & return package in the mail recently to check for blood in my stool and possible cancer, but I haven't had the time to scoop the poop. LOL



    You return it and then your Dr's office calls you and tells you " it's positive ' ' and you say , " Positive for blood or cancer cells ?" They say they don't know b/c the kit doesn't specify that.And they tell you - - - you need a colonoscopy . So you have that done and the Dr. say there's nothing wrong with you .
    country bumpkin

    Mycatsmom, we receive a post in the mail with the results from the Bowel Screening Test instead of a phone call.
    What a relief it must be to be told by the doctor there is nothing wrong with you. There are so many people, however, who do receive word from their doctor that they do have something wrong with them.
    Roy had a Colonoscopy last year and now we're aware he has Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis (Yes, I'm aware of the difference).

    ....every six months at my age


    My eye doctor says that every two years is enough and I'm older than you. I wonder why the difference? Hmmm....
    Benthere guess, my diabetes and checking for cataracts

    Ah yes, diabetes will do it.

    Speaking of diabetes, I have NONE in my eyes. The doctor was very surprised as she says 98% of diabetics get neuropathy in their eyes ( to some extent) in the first ten to twenty years! Thanks for bringing me up, I was wondering how to brag,,,,..

    Annually, because I believe in annual checkups, value my eyes, and get a new RX for my contact lenses. 


    I must be very fortunate. My RX has not changed in over twenty years.

    My prescription is only for one year. There isn't much change, but I am less nearsighted as I age, because the natural progression of our eyes leads to farsightedness. At the rate I'm going, I should have 20/20 vision in 2077.
    You are blessed!

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