Lions mauled alleged poachers in South Africa. There are those who consider this to have been "poetic justice", i.e., they" got what they deserved"

    What do you think?

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    A group of dishonest, money hungry lawbreakers were consumed by the very animals that they were set to destroy? The death of the animals would no doubt have been carried out in a very inhumane manner. I assume the poachers died in a similar way. Sometimes when people die, it's very difficult  to feel sympathy!


    I have no use for poachers of any kind. They cause destruction of various wildlife, in a variety of ways, world wide.

    King of the jungle defending his friend's.

    Hey! They knew the risk going in. I put this on the equivilent scale of, lets see, venturing into a narrow cave just to write your name on a wall? I hope these poachers were afraid and that they had a few moments to think about what was about to happen. There are no atheists in fox holes.....

    ....wrong place, time and activity 

    ....God always has a plan whether we agree or not

    I saw and read the article. Being particularly awed by rhinos, it was not easy to find much compassion for the poachers, in spite of feeling horrified. 

    I think they got what was comin' to them.


    mcm: Don't you think you might be just a little biased? After all, you are a lion's, errrr, I mean, a "cat's mom"?

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